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The Peg should be your platform

Winnipeg’s vibrant Esports community and video game companies are set against a backdrop of cool venues and countless fun things to do when you’re not competing. Powered by creativity, multiculturalism and sustainable hydroelectric energy, our city has the cheat code when it comes to hosting successful Esports events. Plug into our Esports scene today and learn why Winnipeg has found its rightful place on the leaderboard!

One Buff Esports City

- Winnipeg is crazy affordable when it comes to accommodations and venues

- $USD goes more than 30 per cent further here; a hack for your wallet 

- Hydroelectric power means your event is green

- Our central location will have players dropping in from either coast via short flights

- Winnipeg has so many great restaurants, so your taste buds will never lag

- IRL your team can explore world-class attractions where experiences include polar bears swimming overhead, stunning plant life and architecture that looks like it's right out of Final Fantasy

Experience Esports in Winnipeg

Our Esports venues

The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg is Canada’s 4th largest convention centre. It features state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities, a super-fast LAN, and a number of multifunctional venues to enhance both team and spectator experiences. Plus, it’s one of Canada’s greenest buildings.

Winnipeg is home to many other unique venues capable of accommodating everything from small meetups to major events, all with the right technology and connectivity in place to meet your needs. Connect with us to learn more.

RBC Convention Centre

Manitoba's Esports Ecosystem

With plenty of grassroots Esports associations in Winnipeg, gamers and organizers alike will find a whole community to plug into.

logo - Esport Canada

Esport Canada

Esport Canada is the national association responsible for Canada’s Esports landscape. Founded here in Winnipeg, its goal is to develop business operations that serve Canada's best interests in Esports while creating opportunities for talented Canadians to excel on the world stage.

logo - Manitoba Esports Association

Manitoba Esports Association

MESA is an operator for multiple leagues which are not currently playing in a professional or semi-professional league or team. MESA has developed its own event intellectual properties and has successfully leveraged investments from organizations like Loblaws and Red Bull Canada.

logo - Manitoba Schools Esports Association

Manitoba School Esports Association

MSEA operates inter-scholastic leagues for middle and high schools in Manitoba, providing a pathway for graduating students to enter the professional pipeline. It’s of the largest hubs for community-driven Esports initiatives in the province with over 24 participating schools, fielding 31 teams and more than 100 participants.

logo - Extra Life Winnipeg

Extra Life Winnipeg

Extra Life Winnipeg is a fundraising arm of the Children's Miracle Network. As a collective, Extra Life has raised more than $100,000 in the last three years through their extensive network of gaming content creators, Esports athletes and a community of stream-based content developers.

logo - Manitoba First Nations Schools Association Esports

​Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

Educator Karl Hildebrandt is the Education Technology Facilitator for MFNERC and deeply rooted in the instructional services department of Manitoba First Nations School System. Karl is finding success in bringing esports and modern technologies into first nations schools to reach students at a common playground. As a leader in the esports ecosystem, Karl continues to foster learning and teaching by incorporating esports into education and fostering opportunities for students discover esport competition in scholastic environments.

Manitoba's Esports Players

New Frontier Esports & Entertainment

New Frontier Esports & Entertainment

NFESE operates multiple business verticals in the Esports space, including Brand Strategy and Consultancy divisions. They also manage a roster of 65 individuals who are the best talent in local Esports and stream-based entertainment, including several Esports athletes who now compete for other teams globally and internationally.

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Lotus 8 Esports

Lotus 8 Esports

Lotus 8 Esports is a grassroots Esports club comprised of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds and diverse ethnic groups. Lotus 8 Esports operates a thriving gaming collective with 100+ players and participants, including a semi-professional team competing in global Esports tournaments.

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Encore Global

Encore Global

As a member of the Encore AV/Production/entertainment production powerhouse, Encore is developing comprehensive solution-based services to cater to the needs of Esports operators across the country and North America, including in Winnipeg.

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