Special Event Tourism Fund (SETF)

Winnipeg’s Special Event Tourism Fund (SETF) was established by the City of Winnipeg to provide financial assistance in attracting sporting and special events, to Winnipeg in order to increase tourism revenues.

The City of Winnipeg’s Accommodation Tax contributes to the Special Event Tourism Fund (SETF). Tourism Winnipeg manages the Fund, in partnership with the City of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Hotel Association, and is responsible for delivery of the Fund. The SETF Committee members approve the applications.

The SETF was created to attract major sports and special events to Winnipeg. The Fund assists organizations when competing with other destinations for the rights to host major sports and special events in Winnipeg. The event must be national or international in scope and nature, and must generate 300 cumulative hotel room nights. Some regional events may qualify for funding if all other requirements are met. Sporting events are also required to attract a minimum of 60% of their participants from outside of Manitoba.

Funding levels depend on the size and economic impact of the event.

Any organization interested in hosting a major sports or special event in Winnipeg can apply for SETF funding, prior to Winnipeg being selected as the host city. An application form for the SETF is available from Tourism Winnipeg by calling Crystal Seman at (204) 954-1989.

Bid Development

The beginning of any great event starts with a great bid! Tourism Winnipeg has the know-how and expertise to prepare a professional bid for you. We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of the bids we prepare. Your bid will be customized for your particular event, whether it’s international, North American, Canadian or regional.

The key aspects of bid development are outlined below:

  • We will arrange to have letters of invitation from the appropriate government dignitaries included in your bid book.
  • Your bid will include information on the amenities available during your event, and may also include ideas for theme functions, companion and children’s programs along with pre and post event tours.
  • All bids are customized, in full colour. In addition, all bids can be made available in electronic format for ease of distribution to your selection committee.
  • Tourism Winnipeg can also work with you in preparation of a Power Point presentation, providing valuable information on the city.

Site Inspections

Tourism Winnipeg is pleased to host you on a site inspection anytime throughout the year, at your convenience. We will make your hotel reservation and work with you to personalize your inspection itinerary to ensure you visit facilities that suit your sports or special event needs.

While in Winnipeg, you will be a guest of our renowned hospitality. When you arrive, a Tourism Winnipeg representative will greet you at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and take you to your hotel. Tourism Winnipeg is also pleased to pre-arrange all of your appointments based on your requests and escort you throughout your site inspection.

If you are interested in coming to Winnipeg for a site inspection, please contact Crystal Seman.